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TRW GDB1766 DTEC Rear Brake Pad Set by TRW

TRW GDB1766 DTEC Rear Brake Pad Set by TRW

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DTEC is a premium quality, low dust brake pad with all the safety benefits of our main COTEC-coated range plus low dust technology to reduce rim surface dust levels on wheels by up to 45%. Our new COTEC friction coating can cut the stopping distances on new brake pads by up to 7 metres so TRWre making it standard and DTEC adds low dust to its safety performance. Drivers can find it difficult to adjust to the difference in performance during these first stops. TRW took COTEC one step further and developed DTEC, which reduce rim surface dust levels significantly to give all the safety benefits of COTEC plus cleaner wheels, too. Plus, TRWll give you all the fitting accessories you need to fit fast, and 98% coverage, so you can serve almost any vehicle. Brake pads with added value But TRW didnt stop there. The bedding-in process for brake pads normally begins with whats called a green behaviour period, when the friction co-efficient is lo TRWr than usual. The technology behind our brake pads and discs The back plate of the brake pad backed itself. TRWll give you all the fitting accessories required to achieve a fast fit, and our 31,068-mile (50,000km) warranty will give you peace of mind and add value to your business. COTEC-coated brake pads cut stopping distances by improving the contact bet TRWen the brake pad and disc, and the results outperform both our major competitors and original equipment. Safety that shines Low dust formulation for cleaner wheels No compromise on safety performance TRW rear and front brake pads offer more safety, wider coverage and easier fitting. Faster fitting of brake parts Exceptional coverage for almost any vehicle Each pad comes with fitting accessories and warranty All this product innovation and enhanced safety is matched with great service quality, too. What is COTEC? COTEC is a new friction coating developed by TRW that significantly improves safety after a brake pad replacement. Thats why TRW developed COTEC, to enhance the safety of our brake pads even further.

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